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know what kind of pests are in your house

 PILL BUGS AND SOWBUGS: The habits of these pests are very similar. Their normal habitat is outdoors, however they sometimes come indoors where they do no damage, but become nuisance pests. They require high moisture areas and are most active at night.

CENTIPEDES: These are usually seen in yards but occasionally enter homes, where they become pests by annoying or frightening individuals Centipedes feed mainly on insects and spiders, they do not damage the home, furniture or food. The larger species can inflict a very painful bite.

MILLIPEDE: This pest is commonly known as “The thousand legger” and feeds on decaying vegetable matter. They are found in high moisture areas underneath stones, pots and boards. At times large quantities may migrate into buildings. This pest is generally more troublesome in newly developed areas.

EARWIGS: This pest is active at night. They are beetle like, short winged and fast moving. Earwigs enter structures in search of food or just by accident. Earwigs are harmless to man but, they are annoying.

BOOKLICE: The term Lice is somewhat misleading as these are not parasites and most do not resemble Lice. They feed on molds, fungi, cereals, pollens and other insects. They can contaminate foods and materials to the point they must be discarded. They damage books and papers by eating the bindings and along pages.

SILVERFISH AND FIREBRATS: This pest can cause damage in the home by eating foods and other materials that are high in sugar, starch or proteins. They contaminate cereals, paper on which there is glue or paste, book bindings, starch in clothing and rayon fabrics.

SPRINGTAILS: This primarily an outdoor insect but, they can come indoors in sufficient quantities to be a nuisance. They are attracted to moisture and to light.

CRICKETS: This pest can destroy fabrics and other materials such as silks and woolens. They also make a chirping noise which can become very annoying.

Types of Cockroaches

The cockroach is one of the most common household pests in Florida. So just because you may have a cockroach inside your home, it does not reflect on your housekeeping. However, poor housekeeping certainly does attract them. Cockroaches are destructive and can cause health problems, especially for people with allergy type conditions. The cockroach secretes an oily substance, which causes offensive odors. They can damage fabrics, destroy and contaminate foods as well as damage electronic equipment. In Florida we have several varieties of cockroaches. The most common of these are; The AMERICAN, AUSTRALIAN, BROWN, SMOKY BROWN. GERMAN, BROWN BANDED, FLORIDA WOODS AND THE ASIAN.

GERMAN: This is the most common household infesting cockroach in Florida. The adults are 1/2 to 5/8 inch long and pale brown to tan in color. Their range is throughout the US. They are a particular problem in the South and more so in Florida. They are very prolific; a pair can be responsible for about 35,000 roaches a year.

AMERICAN: A large cockroach approximately 2″ long, reddish brown and has wings. They are primarily an outside roach, but will readily take up residence inside the home. They are more likely to be found in and around sewers, garbage cans, and storage buildings. They can and will become a problem inside if neglected.

BROWN BANDED: This cockroach is about 5/8inches long, reddish brown with two yellowish bands across their bodies. They prefer attics and high places off the floor. They hide in closets, furniture, pictures and behind moldings. If food is available they will readily take up residence inside the home.

ASIAN: This very small cockroach has become well known Florida, being almost identical to the German and it lives outside and will only stray inside. They prefer living under leaves and other debris outside. They fly readily and are attracted to light. Asian cockroaches can become a very undesirable nuisance.

Cockroaches are filthy, carry disease organisms on their legs and bodies, which can cause food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea and other disease symptoms in humans. Their skins and excretions can cause allergic responses, such as watering eyes, sneezing and skin rashes.

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