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Tampa’s Top 5 pest

Tampa’s pests come in many forms. Homeowners must contend with a range of insects, arachnids and rodents. A national survey conducted in 2010 found that Tampa was the state with the most insect pests, according to the Orlando Business Journal.… Continue reading

Got Ants?

Several species of ants are found in or around houses in Florida. In general these several species can be grouped into three categories: these being; house infesting, house destroying and yard infesting. These pests can contaminate foods, destroy homes, and… Continue reading

Life cycle of ticks

We have several species of ticks in Florida that attack dogs and on occasion will bite humans. The two species we are most likely to encounter are the American Dog Tick and the Brown Dog Tick. The American Dog… Continue reading

Stored Pet Food

There are many species of stored food pests which can be found infesting homes at various times. These pests are usually found in pantries and cabinets but, can sometimes be found in other areas. They are usually introduced in infested… Continue reading

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