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Pest control Service to get rid of Silverfish

What is Silverfish Bug & How to get rid of silverfish

Silverfish are slippery little pests, mainly emerging at night-time, making them hard to find. Although tiny, they are visible to the human eye, growing up to 2cm. They are appropriately called and can be identified by their silvery-blue ranges as well as different side-to-side activities.

Silverfish favor cozy, wet, dark environments, so they are typically found in bathrooms and cooking areas. You might think that finding 1 or 2 of them is not cause for concern, but they breed very quickly, laying up to 20 eggs a day. Their eggs are small and almost impossible to find, so the problem could be bigger than you think. Look for Silverfish pest Control services near your home or office at Riverview, Ruskin, Brandon, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Silverfish Infestation & Identification

  • Stains – Silverfish can leave unpleasant yellow colors in their wake, on floors, and on materials.
  • Wall damage – Silverfish will certainly even eat wallpaper paste, so look out for damage to walls as well as plaster surface areas.
  • Shed skin – Silverfish drop their skin throughout their lifecycle, so look out for small flashes of silver on your floors andrugs.
  • Holes – Be on the lookout for tiny openings in textiles such as garments and pillow covers, as well as paper items like books and magazines.

If you believe Silverfish are inside your property, it is best to act fast before they cause irreversible damage.

Silverfish Pest Control

You can take the below steps to reduce the risk of a silverfish infestation and decrease the damages they can do.

  • Regular vacuuming and cleaning help eliminate dead skin cells and hair, which are also attractive food sources.
  • Silverfish favor a dark, wet habitat, so preventing dampness in your home will help. Be sure to aerate bathrooms to keep them as moisture-free as possible.
  • Silverfish can get through the smallest of crevices, so secure any outside cracks you locate around the house.
  • If you have garments or soft home furnishings in storage spaces, keep them in airtight containers.

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