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4 Top Tips You Need To Keep Your House Safe From Pests!

If you live in Tampa Bay, Florida, then you must prepare yourself for pest season. Florida might be a great state to live, but at the same time, it has a serious pest problem. To combat these problems, you need to these fourhelpful pest control tips!

Top 4 Tips You Need To Know About Pest Control

1 Remove All Your Trash

Quite possibly, the main bug attractor is garbage. To combat this attractor is easy, remove all trash from your garbage bins. Ensure that all the trash receptacles from the kitchen and restrooms are emptied consistently. Keeping garbage around for a long period of time can attract bugs.

While it could be enticing to top off trash container, residue from the trash can be stuck to the top and still attract bugs after the trash is removed. Try not to allow trash to sit for too long, regardless of whether the bag is full or not!

2 Clean Regularly

This pest control tip may appear glaringly evident, yet all around very regularly, a neglected spill or crumb in the living roomand kitchen can be a dinner pass to Florida bugs. Clean the kitchen after each meal. Make certain to clean all surfaces thoroughly, including the burner, kitchen table, and counters.

3 Seal The Gaps

Another key pest control tip is to cover the breaks and seal the holes around plumbing in your home! You better believe that even unlocked caulk around a sink or bath can turn into a roadway for occupied bugs.

Small openings in baseboards can easily provide bugs access to your home. Torn window and entryway screens will also allow bugs simple entry, so check these often and make any repairs as soon as you discover them.

4 Clean Your Mess

A mess, everything being cluttered, can be an immediate invitation for bugs. Stacked papers and magazines can be a jungle gym for subterranean insects and other bugs so make sure to tidy up your mess.

Cleaning up tree limbs that are near the house can remove another way that bugs gain access to your home. Give us a call for comprehensive pest control Tampa Bay, Florida!

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