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Is It Really Important to get Regular Termite Control Treatment?

There is no specific season for termites. These common pests tend to be more active during the warmer months but are active throughout the year, especially in warmer climates. As a result, termites in Florida are a common occurrence for almost the entire year. While there are different subspecies, the three most common species in Florida are dry wood termites, moist wood termites, and underground termites. These three varieties are known to destroy your home and property.

Variation’s inactivity

As might be expected, different termite species have different activity levels. We at Family Pest Control Tampa Bay, Florida, can help you easily identify what termite is invading your home:

  • Termites of dried wood live in what the name implies, dry wood. Common sites of this variety are window gaskets, attics and other areas where there is fragile wood as a food source. It is active all year round, primarily because it is usually found in homes and is not affected by weather conditions.
  • Damp wood termites love damp wood. They are found in basements, rooms damaged by water and even outside of your home, in fallen trees nearby. They are also active year-round but may be less occupied during wet or cold seasons.
  • The subterranean termites are not living in your house. They’d rather live out in the dirt. Although they still migrate to your house for the wood, they return to their colony outdoors once they have sought to feed themselves. Weather conditions strongly dictate their level of activity. They are not tolerant of cold or hot environments.

Swarming Season

These three types of termites are more commonly seen between March and November. This is because many within an existing colony move, trying to reproduce and establish new colonies. These groups, also known as swarms, cause the least damage during this time as they have lost their chewing capacity. This visible activity indicates that the life cycles of these termites are almost complete.

Watching hundreds of termites in motion can be alarming and should be reported immediately to an expert. This movement may mean that infestations exist inside or around your home. Although swarming insects do little damage to the home and property, those left in their colonies will continue to infest and feed which will lead to damage.

Because termites are always present, you should not look to a particular season to start preparing your home and property defenses. The most useful information to do is get expert advice on how to eliminate those undesirable intruders and prevent infestations.

For more information on the detection, prevention, and eradication of termites, please contact Pest Control Tampa Bay, Florida.

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