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There are many species of stored food pests which can be found infesting homes at various times. These pests are usually found in pantries and cabinets but, can sometimes be found in other areas. They are usually introduced in infested foods but, can enter from the outside like any other pest. Almost any food item is subject to infestation by this group of pests. They are likely to infest flour products, meal, grain, cereal, cake mix, spices, hot pepper and others. Susceptible also, is dried flower arrangements, stuffed furniture and toys, though not food, these items offer harborage.

Some common pantry pests are Flour Beetles, Saw tooth Grain Beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, and Larder beetles, Granary weevils, and Rice weevils, Spider Beetles, Grain Moths, Flour Moths, Psocids and Grain Mites. Since there are so many different kinds of insects that attack stored foods we will not identify each of them. Their habits are similar, so regardless of the species, the control measures would be similar.

Often the only way a person knows there is an infestation is by finding them in foodstuff or crawling on shelves of a food storage area. In some cases an infestation will be indicated by flying or crawling adults throughout the home, since they are attracted to lights or windows.

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